how to play crazy train on guitar

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this is me playing crazy train

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About Scott

Been playing guitar semi-professionally since I was 15 years old. Have played 1000's of live shows with many different bands in many different music genres. I am a former guitar intructor who is convinced that you will learn faster and spend less money by learning through an online or downloaded course than by taking private lessons.
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25 Responses to how to play crazy train on guitar

  1. cheesegirl456 says:

    @kwm2591 what…. i dont need to go back to 3rd grade i am fine in 6th grade!! you need to go back to pre-school to learn how to be nice to people!!!

  2. kwm2591 says:

    @cheesegirl456 And you’re practically illiterate. Go back to 3rd Grade

  3. cheesegirl456 says:

    @rebeldude1865 umm because every one is being mean to him and he is my brother the username does not matter you can ask him and he is 17 now your so mean and stupid do not be mean to people

  4. rebeldude1865 says:

    @cheesegirl456 ok? its kind of odd that you went back and looked at comments from like, a year ago or whenever the hell i commented on this. i dont even know what i said ha. btw if your is “brother” why is your username cheesegirl? #weird

  5. cheesegirl456 says:

    @kwm2591 you mean and all you care about is being mean!!!

  6. cheesegirl456 says:

    @rebeldude1865 ???? i am his brother

  7. cheesegirl456 says:

    @gschlafer really…

  8. cheesegirl456 says:

    @rjkahlon thanks :)

  9. JoshuaGuitarist says:

    Easy and good for beginner guitarist? You have heard the rest of the song right?

  10. actipo says:

    oh no, this song is played using pawerchords. Do u know what powerchords are?
    He really sucks

  11. anubite123456789 says:


  12. Balistick51 says:

    dude before you put lesson you need to nail the song

  13. kalashnikov says:

    Hey, you play quite well. I´m learning to play Crazy Train watching your video (I´m 26 years old). Thank you.
    Pd: Nice guitar, do you like AC/DC right? Salute from Spain!

  14. gschlafer says:

    dude ur retarded u dont even know how to play the first part right

  15. rjkahlon says:

    @cheesegirl456 your brother is a great player man

  16. tragn3 says:

    @rachelbubba1 perv

  17. pyscopathic420 says:

    explanorishatoriXD haha that made my day man! anyways thanks for the help, good job man!

  18. daredevil466 says:

    Stupid arent u guys

  19. daredevil466 says:

    Guys shut up he is 15, this video was made 3 years ago so hes probaly 15 now… Jesus

  20. RToffler says:

    well, this video was when he was like 12. DUMMIEEESSS. I know him personally. but yeah, he’s actually 16 now I believe.

  21. skatebboard says:

    thanks man, helped alot :)

  22. ramon607productions says:

    NOT 15… no way

  23. lockerzfan1359 says:

    holy shat

  24. grimm66615 says:


  25. MrAppleLPfreak says:

    hey kid, not bad. definitly better than some other ppl here, nice job

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