Shred School 10 … 3 NOTE PER STRING BLUES SCALE LEGATO (Guitar Lesson)

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Been playing guitar semi-professionally since I was 15 years old. Have played 1000's of live shows with many different bands in many different music genres. I am a former guitar intructor who is convinced that you will learn faster and spend less money by learning through an online or downloaded course than by taking private lessons.
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15 Responses to Shred School 10 … 3 NOTE PER STRING BLUES SCALE LEGATO (Guitar Lesson)

  1. WARDO1O1 says:

    @McFro95 Hey bro … those blue notes are good in more than the blues… How about Eric Johnson?

  2. McFro95 says:

    Since when do you shred in blues?

  3. 513986916 says:

    @JPBmusic1 Yup, it’s in E flat tuning.

  4. 513986916 says:

    Aw shit, you gotta be kidding me….

  5. WARDO1O1 says:

    you are correct …I thought I mentioned it … sorry about that

  6. JPBmusic1 says:

    dude, you must be in e flat tuning or something. every note you tell me i have to go to the flat of it

  7. WARDO1O1 says:

    @xbcnfujv ..the term means tied together or smooth … but when you hear it spoke about in the guitar world we would generally mean to play a sequence of notes without picking … for example hammer-ons and pull-offs … another example would be the style of Joe Satriani

  8. xbcnfujv says:

    what does “legato” mean?

  9. mikefarrelljr67 says:

    @WARDO1O1 haha sorry about that, but yeah you got it though the scales themselves are what i meant i believe the keys can be on any fret, like with the pentatonic scales.But that would be cool man, i ramble allot, so i get somewhat off the main topic, hehe sorry again. So it would be cool to post that. And if its not who cares it would be something new to learn, but again it sounds bout right though. From what i remember about the terminology.

  10. WARDO1O1 says:

    @mikefarrelljr67 I am not sure if I completely understand what it is that you are talking about … it kind of sounds like you are talking about a sequence that you have been playing in the Aeolian mode that is the natural minor mode … and also it sounds like you are playing the sequence of intervals of 3rds … depending on which key you’re in would help me to answer your question… maybe I will do and exercise on 3rds and post it

  11. mikefarrelljr67 says:

    @WARDO1O1 Hey man glad youre ok, hope youre recovery is complete as soon as possible, but actually i do have something, uh there was this mode that i had fun with, it was the ( i hope the spelling is correct) the aolian mode i believe, where the notes are combinations of like one note, the note right next to it, and then skip a note and hit the next one, its pretty fluent and gets pretty exotic i use it allot. but i am forgetting which frets to hit on the b string.

  12. WARDO1O1 says:

    @mikefarrelljr67 … thanks Mike … I feeling a much better from my motorcycle accident and am playing a lot more … I should be posting stuff a little more regularly now and I just keep coming up with more idea… also if there is anything that you want me to look into … just hit me up … thanks for the comments

  13. mikefarrelljr67 says:

    Wow cool i knew, i always love seeing a metal lick that traces its routes in blues, i mean its crasy how strumming patterns and different timing can make a large difference, imean a genre defining one. It seems that it might be tougher to explain more longer scales but you do a great job man, as usual.

  14. WARDO1O1 says:

    well I tried … I kinda just go by the fly… if you take your time … even if you have to rewind the video you should be able to learn it … Try to work on learning the name of the notes … it is a good thing to do … you can get scale diagram books for really cheap and they will have all of the notes for you … I hope that you will learn it … up to speed that lick should sound pretty scary

  15. XxBFMV24xX says:

    good video but it would help if you said the fret instead of the note, sorry i dont really know notes like that i just go by frets

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